Road – Vortex


Vortex in Red

Vortex in Red

IsoTruss® is only available on Razik frames, sold exclusively in the UK by Ultimate Bike Frames. Top quality, top tier materials, technology, techniques and innovations. Handmade — Not part of it… the whole thing.


Vortex - Left Side

Vortex – Left Side

This, coupled with our hand-selected and matched parts-pick, allows us to offer daily ride-capable builds under 6kg.


Vortex - Right Side

Vortex – Right Side

Unmatched strength in our weight class. We’ve developed an incredibly rigid tail section and a specifically engineered IsoTruss® tube system designed to transmit pedal power without transmitting harsh vibrations.


Laguna Seca - 2014

Laguna Seca – 2014

The Vortex provides the best ride characteristics with lightning-fast acceleration, featherweight climbing, tyre-ripping cornering, and a definitive aero advantage. The Vortex twists all the best into one distinct, perfect package.