Q 1) Will I get sprayed in the rain?

No more than you would with a normal, tubular bike frame.

Q 2) How responsive is the bike?

The stiffness of the design creates a more efficient energy to transfer from rider to wheels, allowing for less energy loss.

Q 3) If the frame is so rigid and responsive, how harsh is the ride?

A unique feature about our frame design and using IsoTruss® is the vibration dispersion that happens. No direct transfer for the vibration to travel. As a vibration extends, it hits a “node” and splits into 3, then yet again and again. No more “road chatter”. Feels very different and more comfortable.  Leaps and bounds above other carbon frames.

Q 4) Does the frame make any wind noise or noise when going fast downhill?

No, the frame makes no ‘howling’ noise and no more noise than any other carbon frame.

Q 5) Is this going to be impossible to clean? What about mud?

We have had several riders take this to the test and have seen no more mud collect on the frame than with standard frame sets. Since there is less surface area to stick to, mud is actually less of a problem with IsoTruss® than with conventional tubing. The IsoTruss® is very easy to clean – simply spray with water and wipe down.

Q 6) Does the Razik have any aero advantage?

The Isotruss® shows a net benefit compared to conventional tubing.

Q 7) How strong is the frame?

The IsoTruss® can support axial tension or compression, torsion, or flexure (bending) loads, or any combination thereof. Each individual member carries primarily axial loads, taking full advantage of the inherent strength and stiffness of continuous fiber-reinforced composites. IsoTruss® achieves its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio.

In fact, unlike many frme makers, Razik impose no maximum rider weight limit. If your frame fails for any reason other than crash damage, Razik will replace it free of charge and even if you crash damage your frame, we offer to replace it for 50% of the new cost.

Q 8) Where can I see or try out a Razik?

Keep an eye on our blog for details of where we will be appearing over the summer. But if none of those dates suit you, then drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we will arrange a ride for you on one of our demo bikes.

Q 9) Can I buy a bike from you using the Cycle to Work scheme?

Unfortunately no. The Cycle to Work scheme is limited to bikes sold through old style bricks and mortar stores and generally has a cap of £1,000. We are lobbying to change both of these restrictions – the £1,000 limit hasn’t changed in nearly 10 years – so watch this space.

Q10) How are they made?
razik former

Tube Being Woven

All Razik frames are built in Utah from hand-woven strands of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre doesn’t fatigue so we build in tension which locks in the responsiveness and rigidity while keeping the ride amazingly comfortable. No other bike can achieve this. We think its pretty amazing to offer a hand-made bike frame at this price that isn’t mass-produced in China and which has a lifetime warranty – not to mention the incredible ride quality.