Reframe Your Ride Today

Every once in a while  there is a game-changing advance in technology. In 1887 John Dunlop developed the first pneumatic tyre, while in 1975 Graftek introduced us to carbon fibre bike frames. Now the game has changed again with the introduction by Razik of their IsoTruss® ultra-light carbon fibre grid section bike frames, available in the UK exclusively from Ultimate Bike Frames.

Introducing Isotruss®

IsoTruss® builds on the traditional 2-D triangle-based truss to make a 3-D truss formed from pyramids using isosceles triangles. The IsoTruss® structures are highly symmetric, providing an attractive, efficient, and highly damage-tolerant design. In engineering terms, the three-dimensional, yet simple, geometry of IsoTruss® structure provides substantial resistance to local and global column buckling, while lending itself to cost effective fabrication using batch or automated continuous manufacturing techniques.The worldwide patented, award winning, super structure material is built with technology and engineering that quite simply redefines what is possible.


There is no direct transfer path for vibration to propogate. As a vibration develops it hits a “node” and splits into to three, till it hits the next node and is split again, and again and again till the vibration is dissipated.

The Result

The most responsive, best handling, most comfortable and fastest all-around ride you will ever own